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It’s Your Future, Take Ownership

You decide how we manage your wealth.
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Premium-grade guidance

EM Braxton Universal investment professionals are dedicated to providing every client with a level of service that was once a privilege granted only to the wealthiest individuals and largest corporate investors. We reward the faith and trust you place in us by offering you a management service unequalled in the industry, providing rates of return that consistently outperform standard market indices.

As our client, you’re provided with a custom, individualized investment portfolio that is purpose-built to align with your personal financial objectives and flexible enough to respond quickly to any changes in market conditions or your circumstances. This is accomplished through a process of careful analysis and understanding of your present circumstances and future investment goals as well as by avoiding assets that restrict your access to funds through lock-in periods or redemption penalties.

Understanding asset allocation

Your financial circumstances will certainly evolve over time, as will the various markets in which you are invested. Thus, an extremely flexible asset allocation strategy is needed to take fullest advantage of these changes and to avoid pitfalls. At EM Braxton Universal, we’re not afraid to modify our game plan, reallocating assets to help you weather the storms of change.

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Hands-on or hands-off

EM Braxton Universal offers you two options for taking advantage of our expert wealth management services, depending on your specific needs and personal preference.

Our most popular choice is discretionary management. With this option, you grant permission to your portfolio manager to make all day-to-day decisions regarding the buying and selling of assets in your portfolio. Of course, all decisions will be made in accordance with any prerequisites you’ve provided, including your risk tolerance level and we always notify you in writing of every trade we make.

If you want to be more directly involved in the management of your portfolio, you might prefer our capital advisory option. In this case, your portfolio manager will make investment recommendations but always obtain your written permission before executing any trade. The only exception to this rule is if we have a standing order from you to always follow a specific procedure, for example to reinvest all dividends earned.