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our privacy policy


EM Braxton Universal is fully committed to protecting the personal information of clients and prospective clients alike. We recognize that, by disclosing personal information pertaining to your financial affairs, you are entrusting us with its safekeeping.

As arbiters of your financial wellbeing, we make every effort to ensure that said information is stored and processed safely and securely and in accordance with established procedures in operation throughout the wealth management industry.

What we collect

Depending on the extent of a client's or prospective client’s interaction with EM Braxton Universal, we collect information of varying types. We gather this information from clients and prospective clients in order to enable us to provide and improve the services and products they request.

We collect information passively and actively using the following methods:

  • Through written and electronic mail communication
  • Through verbal telephone communication
  • Through the submission of transaction agreements, account applications and other submissions related to the opening and management of accounts
  • Information received from third party representatives such as existing financial advisers and legal representatives
  • When you visit our website, our servers will record information relating to your browser, your device’s operating system and the IP (Internet Protocol) address from which you access them

Disclosure of information

EM Braxton Universal will not disclose your personal information to any third party except under the following conditions;

  • When arranging service provision by third parties
  • When authorized to do so by a client’s written consent
  • When compelled to do so by court order

The personal information of clients is internally restricted to EM Braxton Universal employees who specifically need access to it. Employee activity is physically and electronically monitored and each one is contractually bound to follow procedure in terms of privacy protection.

EM Braxton Universal reserves the right, without prior notice to amend this privacy policy. We recommend that you periodically check this privacy policy to ensure that it remains suited to your needs.