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It’s Still About People

Technology helps but the human factor is indispensable.
technology makes the world go round

Technology matters

Make no mistake, what we do would be infinitely more difficult if it were not for technology and, for this reason, EM Braxton Universal employs the latest innovations to ensure that clients enjoy every possible competitive advantage.

We make substantial and ongoing investments in the newest technologies; everything from high-frequency trading systems and multiple secure data feeds, to state-of-the art encryption software that guarantees the integrity and privacy of your personal data.

Experienced professionals

Of course, even the best technology is only as effective as the people who use it. EM Braxton Universal is proud of the depth of professional knowledge and experience our investment professionals bring to the table, acquired through many years of working closely with real clients.

Furthermore, we carefully vet all potential employees for their ability to empathize with the needs and special circumstances of our clients. This special combination of abilities is key to providing you with the very best service.

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Investing in people

EM Braxton Universal’s professionals hail from a variety of specialized industries including investment banking, risk management, research and management consultancy. We never forget that they are our greatest resource. Our ability to find and retain quality employees is envied by many other firms in our region’s wealth management industry.

In addition, we actively support and incentivize our staff to broaden their knowledge through continuing specialized education and in-house or outside seminars, even when this requires additional paid leave.