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Intimate Market Knowledge

Professional, in-depth market expertise pays dividends.
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Full market access

To maximize portfolio performance, the modern investor requires open access to markets around the globe, something that EM Braxton Universal makes possible for all its clients. We clearly understand that your financial goals are important, and we want to give you every opportunity to achieve them.

We recommend specific assets only after careful and highly disciplined research. This approach is the main reason for our clients’ continued success, year after year.

Risk & reward . . . balanced

When you allow EM Braxton Universal to design your personal investment portfolio, we choose a variety of assets and securities. Such a diversified investment strategy provides an ideal balance of financial return and acceptable risk.

Contemporary markets offer a dizzying array of investment options. Fortunately, EM Braxton Universal can help you make sense of it all. Our researchers and strategists begin by choosing stocks and bonds from among those that meet your requirements for capital appreciation, income generation and risk aversion.

We consider a variety of different assets, including well-known high market capitalization stocks (so-called “blue chip” stocks), smaller cap secondary market stocks and a variety of fixed-income investments including corporate and municipal bonds.

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