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What is legacy planning?

When we all inevitably pass away or become infirm and unable to make rational decisions, we want to feel secure that our assets are managed and/or distributed according to our wishes. Legacy (or “estate”) planning prepares for this eventuality. This service is among the fastest-growing areas of wealth management as more and more clients understand the need to avoid problems down the road.

Why it’s essential

EM Braxton Universal’s legacy planning service assists individuals and families to plan the eventual distribution of their financial assets. After a lifetime of hard work creating personal wealth, we make sure that it’s passed to whomever you designate with as little interference as possible. This is particularly true if you own one or more small businesses.

Without this service, your assets could be redistributed by a probate court. Inheritance laws can result in high taxes, requiring beneficiaries to sell bequeathed assets to meet tax obligations on the remainder of the estate. Also, the absence of a clear plan that follows your personal wishes can cause emotionally-charged arguments among surviving family members.

Our legacy planning specialists are always available to help you, suggesting effective strategies to expedite the smooth transfer of your assets with the minimum tax burden.

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The role we play

Legacy planning is a complex process best left to professionals. Fortunately, EM Braxton Universal has considerable experience in this area and can provide guidance so there are no surprises later.

First, we'll work closely with you to determine how you wish the bulk of your estate to be divided among family members, outsiders and/or charitable causes. At the appropriate time, we’ll appoint a suitable executor from within our organization, or work hand-in-hand with any outside executor you have nominated.

EM Braxton Universal will manage all aspects of meeting your tax obligations; using our expertise and experience to make sure they are kept to a minimum. If you’ve designated donations to charities, these are usually tax-deductible so they can help offset any taxes.

Finally, we’ll manage the actual distribution of assets to your heirs, in strict accordance with your wishes.